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Society's Honours:

The Society makes available two levels of awards, nominations may be made by any member, seconded by two other members and must be accompanied by a statement of the nominee's service. All nominations are considered by the Honours subcommittee which meets annually in July

The Award of Merit in Gold:

The Award of Merit in Gold shall be awarded only to those who have been in membership for a period of not normally less than 15 years and who have a record of distinguished and voluntary service to the Society.

The Award of Merit:

The Award of Merit may be awarded to members, non-members, institutions and organisations for highly meritorious service to the objects of the Society.

The Honours sub-committee:

The Honours sub-committee may recommend up to three Gold Medals and six Awards of Merit in anyone year. Nominations should be sent via the General Secretary or direct to the President who chairs the Honours subcommittee.

Society Honours:
Society Ribbon Bank

Society Ribbon Bank

The following should be noted by those wishing to obtain ribbon from the Society’s stock – it will make the Ribbon Bank Manager’s life much easier.

The Stock. Some 200-plus types are usually available, but only in full size. For miniature and foreign ribbon see below. Almost all the orders, decorations, campaigns (including UN), long service and commemorative ribbons that might have been awarded to a British serviceman or civilian during the last two centuries are stocked. Every now and then new acquisitions are added and these are announced in the Journal under ‘Snippets from the Ribbon Bank’.

Terms of sale. Ribbon is only sold in lengths of six inches or multiples thereof. Current prices are six inches for £0.75; twelve inches for £1.50, or thirty six inches for £3.50. In all cases it will be very helpful if members can state if they will accept yard lengths at yard prices but in already-cut six-inch lengths; this will allow the running-down of a large quantity of already-cut six-inch lengths.

The only exceptions to the above pricing are the 44mm wide Army Gold Cross/Medal ribbon, which is priced at £1.00 for six inches and £5.00 for thirty six inches and the original silk BWM and Victory (very limited supply) which is priced at £3.00 for a nine inch length.

Payment. By sterling cheque made out to ‘OMRS’, and not to John Myres. The service is ‘payment-with-order’. Payment may also be made by credit card, when full details (card type, cardholder’s name, card number and expiry date) must be supplied with the order.

Postage. Orders under £10 attract a charge of 75p for postage and packaging. Orders of £10 and over are free of this charge, though air mail will be charged for substantial overseas orders. If sending stamped addressed envelopes (this is not necessary but saves the Manager time), please make sure that the envelope is sturdy and of sufficient size to contain the quantity ordered.

Ordering. By letter to:

Rear Admiral J.A.L. Myres, CB,
The Gables
43 Abingdon Road
OX10 7JZ

The Manager will attempt to respond to your order by return of post and normally by second class mail. Ordering by telephone or e-mail is not possible (Please include your OMRS membership number with the order).

Enquiries. If enquiring about availability of ribbon or seeking a quotation, please ensure a SAE is sent for the reply.

Miniature ribbon. Small stocks of miniature medal ribbon are held. Application direct to: Mr David Rucker, 84 Bury Street, Ruislip, Middlesex HA4 7TE, England.

Foreign ribbon. Small stocks of foreign medal ribbon are held. Application direct to: Mr Alan McDonald, 5 Windsor Drive, Barnet, Hertfordshire EN4 8UE, England.

The Award of Merit in Gold
Dahlia Harrison,Jim Lees,
General Secretary, OMRSMembership Secretary, OMRS
PO Box 6195, Royal Leamington Spa, CV31 9JUPO Box 248, Snettisham,
Tel: 01926 312176King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE31 7TA
Email: generalsecretary@omrs.orgEmail: membershipsecretary@omrs.org