For the Orders and Medals Research Society the highlight of the year’s activities is the annual Convention and the highlight of the Convention weekend is the exhibition.

For  some  Members the subject of their exhibit is the result of many years of research, while for others it is to highlight an intriguing piece of information about a military campaign, personal service. unit history or an obscure instant in history. Some Members exhibit every year, making a point of having something new to show every year, others come less often but whose projects are no less important.

No matter what the subject of the exhibit, the underlying reason Members exhibit is one that is fundamental to the Society – undertaking research and sharing it – sharing their research with other members – the exhibition at Convention.


The Exhibition of Members’ Displays is arguably the most important part of the Convention, as this is where members have the greatest opportunity to learn from each other and to discuss research in depth and in detail. During the course of the day there will be many animated discussions around the exhibition tables.

Displays by members can focus on many groups, family stories, a single medal or even just a ribbon, yet each manages to entertain and inform. If there is one single reason to go along to Convention, it is to see the exhibitor displays and share in their collection.

This year, exhibits will be shown in each of the following categories:

  • Open Class
  • Single Class (Group or single medal to one person)
  • Research Project
  • Non-Competitive exhibit

In the competitive classes, gold, silver and bronze awards will be made based on the Society’s judges’ assessment of the exhibit. Awards will also be made for Best in Show and for Best First Time Exhibitor.

In addition, the Members’ Choice Award, introduced last year, will again feature this year. The criteria for the award is simple: vote for the exhibit that you consider the best. Don’t forget to collect your voting slip on the day!

There have been a number of significant changes to the rules for this year’s Convention. New Guidelines to be published shortly.