Air Force Bravery in the Field

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Air Force Bravery in the Field

AIR FORCE BRAVERY IN THE FIELD AWARDS OF THE MILITARY MEDAL to the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force, Commonwealth, Dominion and Allied Air Forces 1916-57 by Nick Tucker

A detailed study of the Military Medals awarded to the air forces between 1916 and 1957. Many original records have been researched to provide an account of each recipient’s life, record of service, the events leading to the award, previously un-published recommendations and citations, and details of other awards. The book is divided into chapters covering the First and Second World Wars, the period between these wars and the period 1946 to 1957. The awards for the Second World War are arranged into the main areas of conflict and those awarded for escape and evasion.

The book has many illustrations in colour and black and white, and each recipient’s medal entitlement is illustrated by a ribbon bar. Published September 2018, 155x234mm, case bound with colour jacket, 488 pages, numerous colour and black and white illustrations, ISBN 978-0-9957505-6-2.

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