June 2021 Journal available now

Contents included in the June 2021 edition are as follows:

Somaliland 1901: reconciling the medal rolls and the Royal Mint orders book
Found after 30 years
Nathaniel Richmond: a 108-year-old cavalry veteran
The curious case of Sir Anthony Blunt
Pre-republic Sierra Leone police & fire brigades awards
The air commodore and the ‘bacon and eggs’ medal
Awards of the 3rd Class Cross of St George ... in 1917
Leith Constabulary Medal for Conspicuous Bravery, 1881
Veteran William Roberts, 31st and 57th Regiments?
Gunner Sledge, RN and naval casualties on the first day at Anzac Cove
Death by the hand of a friend
The Halpin Memorial Medal
The Graywood Medal: an unofficial Australian award for service and sacrifice
Sykes family medals reunited
An old sailor: 107777 Chief Petty Officer George Jones