The OMRS and Coin Collector magazine team up

The OMRS has teamed up with Coin Collector magazine to promote our hobby to a new audience. The Spring 2020 issue of the quarterly magazine has a four page section on collecting medals including tips for collectors. Three members of the OMRS – Robin Thomas, James Kemp and Will Bennett - have contributed pieces on ‘treasured medals’ in their collections explaining why these are particularly important to them. The ‘treasured medals’ column will continue as a regular feature in Coin Collector. Follow this link for more info - 

The aim is to introduce our hobby to readers of a magazine aimed primarily at those involved in a different collecting specialism. While the OMRS is hugely grateful for the support it receives from magazines which are wholly or partly for medal collectors, the Society believes that it also has to broaden its horizons and raise its profile in other publications. Hopefully it can attract new medal collectors and, of course, new members by doing this.

If you would like to buy the latest copy of Coin Collector or subscribe to the quarterly magazine, just