The September 2022 Journal is now available in the Members Area for download.

Contents included in the September edition are as follows:

A highly decorated regiment: the Dragoons of the French Imperial Guard
Lived on four continents, fought on three: Henry (Harry) James Hardy 
The workman’s medal: awards of the Imperial Service Medal during the reign of Edward VII: Part II
Major Sydney Wentworth Dixon, The Manchester Regiment: journalist, recording pioneer and all-round sportsman 
A Hebridean lad’s journey through two world wars 
Two Sapper officers in Normandy; their medals united 
The outcome of a Yorkshire Imperial Yeoman’s Boer War deferred pay? 
War crime on a ‘Hell Ship’ 
William Newbury, Royal Marine Artillery, and Thomas Henry Ley, 7th Fusiliers 
Admiral Startin, the Granton Medal for Zeal 
‘Grief can be beautiful, when we find something worthy to be mourned’: the literary legacy of David Cuthbert Thomas