September Journal Contents

September’s OMRS Journal includes the following articles:

A distinction almost denied: the naming of Australia’s Second World War medals – the fight to get Australia’s Second World War medals officially named.

Regimental sergeant majors – development of this rank and some of their medals.

The Order of Virtuti Militari 5th Class awarded to the Polish Army in the West, 1940-45 – the development of, and some of those who have received, this award.

An unusual death certificate – this death certificate does not tell the full story.

Jordan – Great Arab Revolt Centennial Medal – a rare modern medal awarded to some British service personnel.

An intriguing medal for the International Sleeping Car Company – the Wagons-Lits – a most unusual medal and why it was awarded.

William Grant: captain of the Himalaya - From wood and wind to iron and steam.

A tale of two headstones – two casualties who were both awarded a bronze medal but there the similarities end.

George Spencer Gabriel – an unusual group of medals to a “Pom” who eventually settled in Australia.

To war in a yacht: Lieutenant Albert Pepperell, RNVR – serving in a “private” yacht in the First World War.

From award-winning essays to long-lived works on naval history – some unusual literary awards to a senior naval officer.

Lieutenant William Gair, 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers) and 'Sebastopol Tom' – the part played by a domestic cat in the Crimea War.

The Bolton Borough Police Good Service Medal in bronze – the story behind, and the awards of, this medal.

4th Middlesex: men killed in action on 1 July 1916? – the truth is not always as recorded on certain official documents.