OMRS 2024 Convention Update

Some great news!

You have hopefully heard that the 2024 Convention will be in Milton Keynes on 14 September 2024 (more on this to follow soon).

We have had such a positive response from our members to the news that we have decided to spoil you: we are adding a VIRTUAL CONVENTION to our 2024 offering & this will be held on 10 February 2024 as a live event, with recordings also available for those who can’t be there on the day.

We are adding a Virtual Convention because not everyone can travel & because we want to reach a wider audience. We are also trying something new (a live event), to see how it works.

This is not an alternative to a physical convention – i.e., there are no plans to bin the latter, but we’ve some great volunteers with bags of energy so we are giving it a go!

Call for Exhibitors

Both conventions will allow members who want to, to exhibit part of their wonderful collection. We are giving six month’s notice for the virtual convention & a full year for the physical, as we know lots of work needs to go into these.

Physical Convention Exhibits: will be in person (i.e., bring it with you), on the day in Milton Keynes.

Virtual Convention Exhibits: will either be static, online display as in previous years or as live presentations – we will tell you how!”

What we need now!

If you are interested in Exhibiting in the first instance please email stating clearly whether you wish to exhibit at the VIRTUAL or the PHYSICAL convention & we will be in touch.