Ribbon Bank Ordering Instructions

Please read fully the information shown below before ordering any ribbons to save any confusion with ordering.


Available Stock

Currently there are some 200-plus medal ribbons available for a variety of Orders, Decorations, Campaign (including UN), Long Service and Commemorative medals all of which can be ordered directly from this page. These include ribbons awarded to British serviceman and civilians  as well as the Commonwealth during the last two centuries.


Terms of Sale

Ribbon is only sold in lengths of six inches or multiples thereof.

A 6" length costs £2.00 (unless stated otherwise) for non-OMRS members and £1.00 for members. If ordering two of the same ribbon, you will receive an uncut 12" length or multiples thereof.

Please ensure if you are an OMRS member you are logged in to receive your discount when ordering.



OMRS members within the UK: free postage.
Non-OMRS members: Postage will be calculated automatically at checkout

OMRS members or non-members located outside the UK, please contact ribbonbank@omrs.org for a postage quote



Payment can be made via all major credit or debit cards using the cart facility on this page.
Currently, ordering by telephone is not possible.


All enquiries about availability of ribbons, requests for specific ribbons to be held in the shop, seeking a postal quotation or just a general shop query please email ribbonbank@omrs.org


Miniature ribbon

Small stocks of miniature medal ribbon are available. Please email your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.