Tokar 1891 – The Men and Their Medals



The Battle of Tokar marked the first occasion that Egypt, with British assistance, defeated the forces of the Mahdi and re-captured parts of the Sudan previously lost. It was also the start of the Re-Conquest of the Sudan that, under Kitchener of Khartoum, culminated at Omdurman in 1898.

This book provides a clear overview of the battle as well as placing it in its historical context but as the title states, there is a focus on the men involved. There are biographies on the nearly 200 British participants as well as on some Egyptian officers and Sudanese leaders. In addition, there are chapters on the medals awarded, particularly the story behind the Khedive’s Star and its rare Tokar clasp. Medal collectors will also find information on medal naming, distribution, etc. that cannot be found published elsewhere.

Appendices on the Order of Battle, Honours & Awards, a Casualty Roll, Medal Rolls, etc. combine to provide a concise account of the action and particularly the men who fought on both sides.