By Order of Her Majesty: The Crimea Medal

A detailed study of the Military Medals awarded to the air forces between 1916 and 1957. Many original records have been researched to provide an account of each recipient’s life, record of service, the events leading to the award, previously un-published recommendations and citations, and details of other awards.



The Crimea Medal radically changed the entire process of both the manufacture and distribution of campaign medals forever. Awarding such medals in bulk was a relatively new concept anyway, but pressure from Queen Victoria to issue this one while the campaign in Crimea was still being fought placed huge strains on those responsible for ensuring that soldiers and sailors received recognition. In the process this created problems for collectors which continue to this day because so many medals were issued unnamed.

This fascinating study by a team of three authors looks at the institution of the medal and its clasps, the monarch’s influence, the manufacturing process and includes a detailed look at the naming – both official and unofficial – of the medal.

It is the most comprehensive study of its kind ever undertaken and is a must for medal collectors and for anyone who is inerested in the Crimean War.