27, April, 2022

The OMRS are pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Helion & Company to promote our publications and to ensure we continue to offer a quality publisher to our authors, and the best books we can to our members. One of the reasons Helion & Company was approached by the OMRS was that they are able to provide not only the quality we seek but they also promote their products (and thus our hobby) worldwide. Although we are in the early stages of this relationship it is hoped that in the future we can offer our books in various forms – printed or digital – so that the customer can get the product they want that best suits their needs.

There are four big bonuses to the OMRS membership that come with this partnership:

  1. The OMRS will cease to have limited runs of its books. Once a book is now published it will be available whenever you wish to buy it.
  2. Our back catalogue has been re-printed and so books once out of print are now available.
  3. Members of the OMRS can claim a 20% discount on all Helion books (not just the OMRS titles).
  4. Our authors will now, for the first time, receive half of all profits made by the OMRS from sales of their book. The other half will go to covering OMRS costs to support this venture.

If members wish to purchase books from Helion they should log into the OMRS members area and note the OMRS discount code on the web page. This needs to be used when paying for the books to claim the 20% discount. Please do not share this code with non-members.

The Helion website can be found here:

There are some more books from the OMRS back catalogue to be added but hopefully our next announcement will be about our new offerings which are already at Helion – but more of that later!!!

Paul Brewster

Chair of OMRS Publications Committee

2, March, 2022

A new roll is available of the Mauritius Long and Meritorious Service Awards made between 1968 and 1992. Mauritius became a self-governing dominion following independence on 12 March 1968 and a fresh set of medals were needed to replace the colonial issues. The roll can be found in the Research Library for those who are interested.

18, February, 2022

For those interested the XV European Conference of Phaleristic Societies will be taking place in Madrid from 16 to 18 September 2022. Contact details for the even can be found on the International Convention Page.

7, February, 2022

The Thames Valley Branch has updated its 2022 programme for events which can be viewed in the Branches section.

15, December, 2021

The London Branch programme has been updated with the 2022 schedule for events planned for next year and can be viewed in the Branches section.

11, December, 2021

A new roll is available in the Research Library of 337 personnel involved in the initial stages of the relief/liberation of Belsen. It lists 96 medical students, 52 members of the RAMC or other medical units, nine nurses, four members of the SAS, 52 other servicemen from approximately 20 units including the Royal Artillery and the RAF, 28 from the Red Cross and 11 involved with photography and filming. Also, there were five padres, eight Jewish chaplains/rabbis and resettlement personnel, 26 with no designation (likely to be civilian helpers), six foreign doctors, seven former prisoners who helped (one of whom was a doctor), five Quakers, one member of the Order of St John and one librarian

14, October, 2021

This roll has been updated with new information and is now available in the Research Library. The Imperial Service Medal (ISM) was introduced in 1903 and during King Edward VII’s reign a total of 4,820 ISMs were awarded.  Out of these only 166 ISMs were awarded to women and of these 164 were to nationals of the home nations; Great Britain and Ireland with two dominion/colonial awards.   The roll lists all these women who were awarded the Imperial Service Medal during the reign of King Edward VII.

27, September, 2021

The 2021 Virtual Convention ended on Saturday 25th September with the announcement of the winners of the Members' Choice Awards for the exhibition: In a very tight competition where the lead changed hands several times the eventual, and well-deserved, winners were:

Members' Choice Award - Best Exhibit - Anthony Martin - Following in the Footsteps of Lions: The Battle of Alma 20th September 1854;

Members' Choice Award - Best Use of Technology - James Kemp - Researching Metropolitan Police Jubilee & Coronation Medals.

All the exhibits and the presentations will remain online at the Convention webpage so Members can see them.

13, September, 2021

The Trans-Jordan Frontier Force Long Service and Good Conduct Medal roll by Owain Raw-Rees has now been uploaded to the research library and is available to view and download.

11, September, 2021

The 2021 OMRS Virtual Convention is now live.   Members must be logged in to view the exhibition and register for the presentations:

Go there now and see whats new for this year.