22, April, 2023

Some of Northern branch members are hoping to visit North Wales by the end of the year and meet fellow medal collectors, the format will depend on numbers interested. Depending on location of responders the actual venue and site might vary but is most likely to be in the Llandudno area, on a Saturday afternoon out of season to avoid the traffic. Email if interested.

1, April, 2023

"Members Wants" is now live on the website, click the link in the banner above to check out the latest....

23, March, 2023

Members can now place and pay for their "Wants adverts" via the website. This can be done by selecting “Shop" and then the "Members Wants" option. Members can buy an insertion in the OMRS Journal of up to 500 characters in length for £.8.00 and up to 300 characters in length for £.5.00

6, March, 2023

Annually the OMRS prepares a Journal Index and these are available by year, except for the years 1973-2006 where one combined Index was prepared. Although all the journals are scanned and searchable, it is felt it to be of value to continue with preparing this index and making available digitally. If you wish to make use of this facility then please go to the Research Area and select Journal Indices 1973 to present.

5, March, 2023

The Northern Branch are planning to hold a mini convention on the 15th April 2023.

There is a 12.30 start with refreshments and parking at no charge, to be held at the Heald Green Village Hall, Outwood Road, Heald Green, Cheadle, Cheshire. SK8 3JL Click here for details and directions to the hall -  Heald Green Village Hall 

It is planned to have medal dealers in attendance with an exhibition and a lecture to be given by Christopher Mellor-Hill.

It is planned to have a 4.30pm finish for the event.

Please respond to to avoid the £5 admission charge.

17, February, 2023

Here are the upcoming events for the next three months for OMRS members: 

If any members wish to have additional items added in to the 3 monthly list of future events can they email and it will be put forward for consideration. Listed below are the OMRS Branch Meetings that are taking place during the next 3 months:


9 February – Ottawa Branch meeting
11 February – Northern Branch meeting
12 February – East Anglia and New Zealand Branch meetings
13 February - Arizona branch meeting
16 February – Thames Valley branch meeting
20 February – Surrey Branch meeting
28 February – Sussex Branch meeting


4th – Northern and Scottish Branch meetings
9th – Cotswolds and Ottawa Branch meetings
11th – Arizona Branch meeting
12th – East Anglia Branch meeting
14th - Kent Branch Meeting
15th – Hong Kong Branch meeting
16th – Thames Valley Branch meeting
20th – Surrey Branch meeting
26th – Miniatures Branch meeting
27th – London Branch meeting
28th – Sussex Branch meeting


1st – Scottish Branch meeting
2nd – New Zealand Branch meeting
8th – Arizona Branch meeting
11th - Kent Branch Meeting
13th – Cotswolds and Ottawa Branch meetings.
15th – Northern Branch meeting
16th – East Anglia and Ribbons Branch meetings
17th – Surrey Branch meeting
19th – Hong Kong Branch meeting
20th – Thames Valley Branch meeting
24th – London Branch meeting
25th – Sussex Branch meeting

For further details of Branch Meetings and any talks they may be holding please go here: -

26, January, 2023

Over a Third of UK Members Polled Respond to the recent OMRS Convention Survey
In December the OMRS Committee sent out a survey to all UK based members with an email address to ask what exactly members wanted in a future convention.

This survey has received an overwhelmingly positive and useful response and the Committee are extremely grateful to all who took the time to respond.

Additionally, efforts have been made to reach out to the medal trade, both retail and auctioneers, who are a key stakeholder in any event, in order to get their input.

The survey allowed participants to highlight the activities and features that they want to see at convention. In a huge show of support for the convention, the members' exhibits are the most favoured aspect of the convention, closely followed by the talks and the medal fair.

When asked about location outside of London, members said their preferred location would be Central England.
Members have given us a clear steer as to the future of convention and we will be factoring all these into our planning for the next convention.
To identify a venue, create a programme for the convention and do the detailed work will take some time, but our hope is to have more information available as soon as possible, and we plan to give regular updates on progress.    

It is perhaps worth mentioning, at this point, that the convention will be open to non-OMRS members and we hope that anyone who has a passion for medals, medal collecting, and, of course, research, will come along and enjoy the experience. 

Apologies to those Overseas stalwarts who take part in the convention – please feel free to pass any comments to the general secretary.  


25, January, 2023

The OMRS has formed a Convention sub-committee to enable it to plan for this years Convention so members, please watch this space for updates which will be posted as soon as they become available....

25, January, 2023

The Naval Historical Collectors & Research Association (NHC&RA) quarterly journal 'The Review' has been scanned by The Military Historical Society and is now word searchable. It is available from 1 February 2023 on for MHS members. Coverage includes medals (including rolls), badges, photographs and all aspects of naval history. It will be useful for researching naval personnel, ships, battles and maritime social history. 

7, January, 2023


The President and Board of the Dutch Research Society of Orders and Decorations (SRO) invite you to the  XVI European Conference of Phaleristic Societies. The theme of the conference is "Maritime”.
Participants will be staying in the Leonardo Royal Hotel Amsterdam, Paul van Vlissingenstraat 24, 1096 BK,  Amsterdam.

Please click the following link for more information and the program of events International Conventions | OMRS 

If you wish to be sent the official invitation and registration forms then please email and I will forward the required forms to you or you can use the email address at the foot of the conventions webpage