17, November, 2022

British Line Regiments DCM and MM Awards 1914 ‒ 1920 - A statistical break down
A limited edition of 300 copies ‘Otherwise known as how RARE is your DCM or MM’

This is the next instalment in the Distinguished Conduct Medal and Military Medal Project by Chris Bate and Howard Williamson. It contains essential information for: collectors, dealers, regimental historians, auctioneers, genealogists and military libraries
The book represents the authors’ combined knowledge, expertise and analysis of all the DCMs and MMs, undertaken over the last 25 years. This has now been distilled down into a definitive reference work that combines the figures for both medals together at a glance.
In order to produce this work, which amounts to over 146,000 awards, the authors have had to analyse, cross index and record in the region of 300,000 entries. The MM alone needed over 260,000 checks as The London Gazettes had to be cross-indexed against the
original MM cards, including all the corrections in the Gazettes. Its aim is to give serious collectors and researchers access to this information at relatively little cost and time.

The book includes the following statistics which are published for the first time:
- The breakdown of DCMs and MMs to each individual regiment within the British Army,
- For each regiment it includes the numbers awarded to each battalion,
- For each regiment and battalion the numbers awarded for each campaign is noted,
- The number of DCM/MM combinations is also included for each unit and battalion,
- There is also other unique statistical information contained within the book, particularly around the MM as follows:
- The number of first bars and second bars awarded by country and by theatre of award,
- The number of medals and first bars awarded under the terms of Army Order 193 to include: brought to notice, for escaping or attempting to escape, and for services whilst a PoW,
- A breakdown of awards of the MM by the year of the Gazette for WW1,
- A breakdown of awards of a first bar to the MM by the year of the Gazette for WW1,
- MM bar combinations for theatres of war outside France and Flanders,
- The ratio of awards between line regiments and corps,
- The proportion of MMs awarded by rank for WW1 to British line regiments.

The book will be circa 230 pages, in hard back, thread-sewn volume of A4 size and matches the authors’ previous publications in the book size, quality of paper and materials used.
Its overall cost is £44 to include £6 post and packaging for the UK only. Orders outside the UK will be priced separately for postage on application.

Order by contacting Chris Bate by email at:

Please provide the following details:
- Your name, email address and delivery address including postcode,
- Whether you would like a specifically numbered copy and that number.

Please ensure payment via Paypal is done using the ‘Friends and Family’ option to the
following Paypal account:
By cheque payable to C K Bate at 14 Leader Close, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 9FQ
BACS transfer on request

17, November, 2022

Orders & Medals Research Society - 150 pages 14 colour illustrations 29 b/w and several tables

This is a book for anyone with an interest in medals related to South Africa and/or the Anglo Boer War which ended on the 31 May 1902 with the Treaty of Vereeniging. Within that treaty was a commitment to self-rule for the former Boer republics. Those who had just recently been on opposite sides of a
long and bitter conflict met and hammered out a constitution that resulted in the Union of South Africa – the borders of the present Republic of South Africa.

A medal was given to 580 of those who had rendered services in achieving this and this book is the record of who they were, the challenges they faced and the compromises made.


Please note that all OMRS published books are now available direct via publisher who can be found at:
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28, September, 2022

Orders & Medals Research Society 194 pages 46 colour and 12 b/w

The book provides a comprehensive reference to the Jubilee and Coronation medals issued to the City of London Police Force between 1887 and 1911.
It starts with a fully illustrated description of the four different types of medal that were issued in relation to the Jubilee and Coronation celebrations, together with details of the various numbering and naming styles to be found on the different medals.
One of the main aims of the book is to provide a detailed and accurate medal roll for the medals and the Warrant Books for the period provide the basis for this and the warrant book entries are covered next in some detail.
The structure and development of the Force during the period of the Jubilees and Coronations is then described. Details of the Police stations and the numbers of the various ranks of Officer are given together with information regarding all the senior Police Officers in post at the time of the medal issues.

An analysis of the various awards is provided next including the numbers of the various medals issued and combinations in which the medals can be found. Also, some surviving details regarding some of the Officers on duty are given together with information relating to the Police Officers recalled from retirement to serve at the 1911 Coronation celebrations. Much of this information is published for the first time.
The details of other medal awards to the Force’s Officers of the period are given including issues of the Kings Police Medal. It is also not widely appreciated that a number of Police Officers competed in the Olympic Games between 1908 and 1920 and all those who competed are listed with the events in which they competed and the medals won by them. Finally, brief details of the City of London Police Officers involved in the infamous 1919 Police strike are provided.

A number of City of London Police medal groups are illustrated in the first appendix with details of the men’s service with the Force and colour illustrations of the groups. However, it is the complete medal roll in Appendix II which, in a listing of over 100 pages, gives the full details of the awards to all the Police Officers issued with Jubilee and Coronation during the period. The book provides for the very first time a definitive reference work regarding the medals issued to members of the City of London Police Force between 1887 and 1911 and while this will be invaluable to collectors of police medals, it will also be of great value to other medal collectors while providing as well a very informative account to anyone with an interest in the history of the City of London Police.


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More information can be found at: In collaboration with the publisher the OMRS has started to re-publish some of its back catalogue, so many out of print books are now available again. 


14, September, 2022

New rolls are available of the officers and men who were serving in the Regiment of Dragoons of the French Imperial Guard during the year 1815.  The rolls can be found in the Research Library for those who are interested.

3, August, 2022

Hong Kong - July 2022 Newsletter​     Current Situation - As nobody will need reminding, it has been a very long long time since the Branch has held any event whatsoever – be it an indoor meeting or an outdoor activity. We were able to conduct a visit to the Sai Wan Military Cemetery towards the end of 2021, which was well-supported, followed by our ever-popular Christmas Dinner at the USRC in December.

A planned talk by Les Bird on his time with the Marine Police was scheduled for early this year, but unfortunately we had to postpone that event. Hopefully we will be able to reschedule his presentation for later this year.

The pandemic situation has thus far precluded any further activities for 2022, but hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is with this in mind that we have decided to schedule an event for later this month.


Future Event - Presentation by Craig Mitchell on “Project Avenger.”

In 2012 local resident and military historian Craig Mitchell, whilst hiking the hills on HK island, stumbled upon the wreckage of a wartime U.S. Navy plane. Upon investigation, the aircraft was found to be from a U.S. Navy Task Force consisting of no fewer than 10 aircraft carriers engaged in a bombing mission of Japanese- occupied HK on 16 January 1945.

This amazing discovery kick-started what became known as “Project Avenger.” Craig initiated a 10-year campaign for funding to research the crash site in Tai Tam; negotiating with the relevant authorities, (including the U.S. Navy’s Heritage Command), and obtaining the required local permits and licences.

Much of this activity had to be conducted whilst the city was experiencing both social


unrest and restrictions imposed by the Government due to the Covid pandemic. Craig’s team was finally assembled in 2018 and Project Avenger was underway. The team, comprising both local and overseas experts in the fields of archaeology, geographical surveying, orienteering and historical conservation, “broke ground” in 2021.

Their objectives were to: -

  • map archaeological artefacts in the crash site locations;
  • identify the aircraft involved and their associated human story;
  • recover and conserve artefacts; and
  • educate and promote interest in HK’s history during WW2.


The project became HK’s biggest professional WW2 archaeological study. It was conducted in collaboration with 4 HK universities employing the latest remote sensing technology, high-resolution light detecting and ranging, photogrammetry and cloud technology and ground penetrating radar.


About the Speaker

Craig Mitchell was born and educated in HK. After graduating from Coventry University in the U.K. with a degree in Engineering and Business, he returned to HK where he resumed his passion for military history. He then read for a Master’s degree in Education.

Craig is married and lives in Clearwater Bay. He is currently employed as a Physical Education teacher at an international school in HK.



Date                              Wednesday 20 July 2022

Time                              18:30hrs (drinks at cash bar) talk begins at 19:00 hrs.

Place                              United Services Recreation Club, Gascoigne Road, Kowloon


Cost                                $100-HK (Branch members and guests).

I am sure this will prove to be a very interesting presentation. Please contact the undersigned soonest if you would like to attend


Martin Heyes Hon. Secretary OMRS HK Branch

8, June, 2022

The following books are available direct from their authors and can be ordered by sending an email to in the first instance and you will be contacted with further details. The books are as follows - The Welsh Regiment Volunteers in Peace and War 1881-1908 (£12.50 plus postage), Surgeons of the Royal Navy in the First World War (£35 plus postage) and Skippers of the Royal Naval Reserve in the First World War  (£35 plus postage). Two of these titles can only be bought from here and are not available on Helion at this time.

1, June, 2022

A new roll is available of the awards of the George Medal to medical staff in the Second World War.  The roll can be found in the Research Library for those who are interested.

27, April, 2022

The OMRS are pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Helion & Company to promote our publications and to ensure we continue to offer a quality publisher to our authors, and the best books we can to our members. One of the reasons Helion & Company was approached by the OMRS was that they are able to provide not only the quality we seek but they also promote their products (and thus our hobby) worldwide. Although we are in the early stages of this relationship it is hoped that in the future we can offer our books in various forms – printed or digital – so that the customer can get the product they want that best suits their needs.

There are four big bonuses to the OMRS membership that come with this partnership:

  1. The OMRS will cease to have limited runs of its books. Once a book is now published it will be available whenever you wish to buy it.
  2. Our back catalogue has been re-printed and so books once out of print are now available.
  3. Members of the OMRS can claim a 20% discount on all Helion books (not just the OMRS titles).
  4. Our authors will now, for the first time, receive half of all profits made by the OMRS from sales of their book. The other half will go to covering OMRS costs to support this venture.

If members wish to purchase books from Helion they should log into the OMRS members area and note the OMRS discount code on the web page. This needs to be used when paying for the books to claim the 20% discount. Please do not share this code with non-members.

The Helion website can be found here:

There are some more books from the OMRS back catalogue to be added but hopefully our next announcement will be about our new offerings which are already at Helion – but more of that later!!!

Paul Brewster

Chair of OMRS Publications Committee

2, March, 2022

A new roll is available of the Mauritius Long and Meritorious Service Awards made between 1968 and 1992. Mauritius became a self-governing dominion following independence on 12 March 1968 and a fresh set of medals were needed to replace the colonial issues. The roll can be found in the Research Library for those who are interested.

18, February, 2022

For those interested the XV European Conference of Phaleristic Societies will be taking place in Madrid from 16 to 18 September 2022. Contact details for the even can be found on the International Convention Page.