OMRS Virtual Exhibition 2020

Welcome to the OMRS Online Exhibition 2020

First let me thank and congratulate the 14 members who have taken the plunge and decided to exhibit this year. Without their pioneering spirit we would have had an empty place in the calendar.

As we have come to expect, the range of interests of OMRS Members is vast and this year’s exhibition continues to bear this out: from detailed analysis of medal rolls to tales of bravery and daring and everything in between.

Due to the slightly strange circumstances we find ourselves in this year, the new and experimental format of the exhibition and the difficulty of formulating a judging standard we took the decison not to award gold, silver and bronze medals.

This year Members voted online for three Member’s Choice awards: For the best exhibit; and For the best use of technology in presenting an exhibit; and Best Overall Exhibit (combined votes of the best exhibit and best use of technology)

Best Exhibit:
Winner Jim Kemp – The Fateful Night of 16th December 1910.
Highly Commended: Chris Bacon – Mystery Bomber, and Meurig Jones – The QSA and other medals.

Best Use of Technology:
Winner David Doorne – Let Not The Deep Swallow Them Up.
Highly Commended: Jonathan Smith – British Orders – The Documents, and Meurig Jones – The QSA and other medals.

Best Overall Exhibit: 
Winner David Doorne – Let Not The Deep Swallow Them Up. 
Highly Commended:  Jonathan Smith – British Orders – The Documents; Meurig Jones – The QSA and other medals; Chris Bacon – Mystery Bomber and Jim Kemp – The Fateful Night of 16th December 1910.


V01 – Chris Bacon – Mystery Bomber

V02 – Simon Bendry – The Award of the Single British War Medal to the British Army in the First World War

A brief study of the circumstances under which soldiers could be awarded a single British War Medal in the First World War; some statistical analysis of numbers awarded as well as some examples for my collection. Note Exhibit temporarily removed.

V03 – Taff (Mark) Collins – The Meritorious Service Medal to the Welsh Regiment (Immediate and Annuity Awards)

V05 – Taff (Mark) Collins – Operations on the Nile 1889 – No Clasp Undated Egypt Medals to the Welsh Regiment

V06 – David Doorne – Let Not the Deep Swallow Me Up
This is a video presentation which you can view HERE.

V07 – Jonathan Smith – British Orders – The Documents

The exhibit is in the form of a website. Please click the link to view:

V08 – Meurig Jones – The QSA and Other Medals

A fun exploration of where men and women who served in the Second Anglo-Boer War earned medals elsewhere in military or civilian service.

V09 – James Kemp – The Fateful Night of 16th December 1910. The Story of a London Policeman who was there.

The exhibit explores the career of a City of London Police Constable and his involvement in one of the most shocking attacks ever made on British Police Officers. This case is now normally referred to as The Houndsditch Murders.

V10 – Andy Pattison – The DSO: To adequately reward the distinguished service of officers in war

A potted history of the Distinguished Service Order seen through the actions of the Royal Artillery – from the excitement at Woolwich when two of its first recipients appeared on Church Parade in 1886 to Victory in Europe in 1945. The exhibit is based on medals in my collection. Note: Exhibit has been temporarily removed.

V11 – Owain Raw-Rees – The Awards of Viscount Kirkwall and his BrothersV11_Raw_Rees OMRS 2020 Viscount Kirkwall

A presentation of the Victorian era awards of Captain George William Hamilton Fitzmaurice, Viscount Kirkwall and Baron Dechmont, later the Sixth Earl of Orkney and his brothers – Captain the Honourable Henry Warrender Fitzmaurice, Commander the Honourable Frederick O’Bryen Fitzmaurice, Lieutenant the Honourable Alexander Temple Fitzmaurice and Captain the Honourable James Terence Fitzmaurice.

V12 – John I. Scott –  For Your Tomorrow We Gave Our Today

V13 – David Seeney – The Road To Dunkirk

V14 – Mel Siddons – “Vlakfontein” A Disaster for the Derbyshire Regiment

V15 – David Sowerby – “Final Recommendations” – Proposed commendations for Gallantry and Meritorious Service to the Royal Artillery in the Boer War – July 1901 to June 19025

A full transcription and Index by unit of all recommendations contained within WO 108/171 to the Royal Artillery

V17 – Andy Taylor – Lt Col W. F. Chipp – The Herefordshire Regiment’s most decorated